Lap-Band Study Demonstrates Benefits to Less Severely Obese Patients

LifeShape Bariatric Center of Florida has helped more than a thousand people lose weight and regain their lives with laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding (Lap-Band), and our comprehensive follow up program.

Pushing Hard with Lap – Band

Over the years, we have continued to be strong proponents of the Lap-Band, due to its excellent performance in terms of both safety and effectiveness. When the band was first approved for use in the United States, it was reserved for patients with severe obesity (a body-mass index of 40 or higher) and for patients with a BMI of 35 to 39.9 with an obesity-related condition, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

However, criteria for the band was later expanded for use in obese patients with a BMI of 30 to 39.9 who have at least one obesity-related condition. The Lap-Band is the only weight loss surgical procedure FDA approved for patients in the BMI 30 to 35 range. The expanded indication for the Lap-Band is largely due to its high degree of safety.

Recently, several studies have shown that the use of the Lap-Band in lower BMI patients can be both effective and safe. One of these studies was published in the journal Obesity last month. Led by Dr. Robert Michaelson, bariatric surgeon in Washington State, the study involved 149 patients who had a BMI of 35 to 39.9 and did not have an obesity-related condition or who had a BMI of 30 to 34.9 with at least one related condition. The findings supported extending the use of the Lap-Band to patients with a lower BMI, as a mean to treat patients before they go on to develop serious conditions related to obesity.

85% Lost 30% of Excess Body Weight

The researchers reported that one year after undergoing the procedure, nearly 85 percent of the patients had lost at least 30 percent of their excess body weight, with an average excess weight loss of 65 percent. About two thirds percent of the patients were no longer obese – a substantial milestone to achieve. In addition, many patients with obesity-related conditions experienced improvement; Sixty-four percent of those with high cholesterol, 59 percent of those with high blood pressure and 85 percent of those with diabetes had improvement at one year. Highlighting the safety of the procedure, reported side effects were overall mild to moderate, and resolved within a month. We are pleased to see ongoing research on the potential for the band to help lower BMI patients, as well as those with higher BMIs.

Laparoscopic adjustable Gastric Banding

At Lifeshape, we specialize in outpatient laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding. We offer both the Allergan AP LAP-BAND system. We also offer the Pleated Band (also known as the i-Band, i-Lapband, or the Plicated Band) and Laparoscopic Gastric Plication. You can learn more about our surgical weight loss options–and whether surgery may be a good option for you–by attending one of our free informational seminars.

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