Priorities. By: Beth Whalen, Certified Personal Trainer

Right Priorities will never choose us; they are always a choice we have to make in the midst of many other “good options” we could choose.  This phrase constantly keeps me in check allowing me to meet my goals and not settle.  In order to keep your fitness goals a priority they will need to be specific.  We must figure out what exactly it is you want to achieve.

Setting Up Goals

An example of a specific goal would be a distance you want to bike ride or a weight amount you would like to lift.  Having specific goals will help you focus your efforts and keep it a priority. Be aware that when goals are clearly defined distractions have a way of creeping in.  Your fitness goals have now moved up on your priority list because your health is important for your overall health and well being.  The people who love you will understand and allow you the extra time you need to stay committed.   Make your goals measureable by applying a numerical value to them so you can see your progress over time.  For example a health goal could include blood pressure or blood glucose levels.

Go for Achievable Goals

Next your goals must be achievable.  The goal you have set must be realistic and challenging, but not impossible.  Try to enhance the achievability of your goals by trying to predict the potential obstacles and devise methods to overcome them. Many things are important, but only one thing is necessary.  It seems to be very common for us to set new lifestyle goals and as we do so, life decides to fight back.   In our fight for right priorities, many things vie the top of the heap, but only one is necessary.  This doesn’t mean you neglect your families or other obligations that arise, but if you cannot make it to the gym, think up an alternative way to exercise that day!  Record your goals by writing them down.  You may find that sharing goals with your trainer or someone close to you will help keep you motivated.

Remember if you start to lose motivation, refer back to your goals as a reminder as to why you’re working so hard.  I have always found writing it down and putting it somewhere you will see it every day (bathroom mirror) has helped me stay focused.  Make your goal with a date in which you want to have it achieved.  Let’s face it… when we have deadlines it helps us stay focused due to a sense of urgency.

Aim for the Reward

Lastly make sure you enjoy the process, because of the sacrifices made along the way the reward is internally yours for the taking.  If you allow yourself to enjoy the process, your ability to persevere and reap the benefits significantly will increase.

I have been encouraged by the group fitness classes’ ability to take and apply these key principles in their lives as they embark on a new journey.   Many of them have set individual goals to finish and complete the entire running zone series next year.  To obtain their goal they have pre-registered for the entire series and began to set goals to compete in one 5k at least every month.  They are aware of their times and each race they have been determined in setting a new personal record.  Whether you are walking the race or running the race, it a enjoyable way to measure your improvement and achieve goals in allotted time frame.  Come join us!!

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