LifeShape Medical Weight Loss Program – OPTIFAST

OPTIFAST is utilized in our program to jump start weight loss. OPTIFAST is a total meal replacement program. Very significant weight loss can be achieved during the meal replacement portion of the program. At a certain point the patient is transitioned to normal food. During the transition to normal food, we will guide you to a healthier eating and exercise pattern. Depending on the patients size and the amount of weight loss desired, the patient eats 4 to 5 meals per day (shake, bar, or soup). Patients are required to be medically monitored. The cost of office visits and lab work are filed to insurance. OPTIFAST meal cost is paid by the patient and is approximately $16 to $20 per day. Since meals are purchased by prescription only, patients may use medical savings accounts to purchase meals. Unlike fad diets, the OPTIFAST program has been proven effective in more than 80 clinical studies and by more than 1 million people who have participated in the program since 1974. OPTIFAST succeeds because it treats the whole you – not just your weight. It combines support and counseling, comprehensive lifestyle education and medical monitoring with a great-tasting meal replacement to help people lose weight and significantly reduce weight-related health risks. At LifeShape, we feel OPTIFAST and our medical weight loss program are most appropriate for people in the overweight or obese category. (BMI 25 to 35).