8 Vegetables You Buy Once and Regrow Forever ! How to Grow Them Full

We all know healthy diet is important for our well-being. Instead buying vegetables from the store, it is easier to grow them at your home. Also, it is much easier and healthier since you know how it is grown, without using any pesticides.

You can grow them indoors, so no farm is needed. Moreover, growing them this way saves your money. You just need to make sure your plants get enough light and water.


Re-grow scallion at your home by using their discarded roots. Place the roots in a glass of water and leave an inch of the scallion joined to the root. Keep it in a lighted room.


Grown new basil from basil cuts. Place basil trimmings with stems of 3-4 inches in a glass of water and keep them in direct sunlight. When the roots reach to 2 inches length, put them in pots and after some time they will become full basil plants. Change the water frequently because they can get slimy.

Bok Choy

After you put the root ends of Bok Choy in water, place it in a well lighted place. After 2 weeks, transplant the roots in a pot with soil. After a short period it will grow a new full head.


Take stems of cilantro and put them in a glass of water so they will grow. When the roots become long enough, move them in soil. Place them in a room exposed to enough light and the plants will grow in a couple of months.


Use celery leftovers to grow celery. Cut the base off and place it in a shallow dish or saucer exposed to direct sunlight. The leaves will soon become thicker and in time will develop amidst the base. Place it in soil after three days.


Garlic clove can be used to re-grown garlic. It is excellent for pasta, salads and other meals. Place them in a glass of little water after the garlic starts to sprout.

Romaine Lettuce

The base of a lettuce head can serve for growing romaine lettuce. Place romaine lettuce stumps in a half inch water. After a couple of days, move it in soil as leaves and roots emerge. The same way can be sued to grow cabbages.


Carrots can be grown from carrot tops if you put them in a pot with little water. Place them in a well lighted room. You can use them is salads because they are slightly bitter. Cut them together with garlic and add vinegar.


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