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This Fruit Will Fight Insomnia and Boost Brain Function in Minutes

Quenepa is a yellow pulpy fruit known by many names, some of which are: ackee, Spanish lime, genipe, limoncillo, mamoncillo and honeyberry. It resembles a lime and its taste can vary from sweet to sour. This is a tropic fruit, commonly found in the Caribbean and South America. It is popular in the United States because of its similarity to limes, but its color is yellow or orange. It is a colorful fruit with a pulp that encloses the seeds.

It contains many nutrients, such as vitamins A, C and B-complex, calcium, iron, phosphorus, proteins, fiber and amino acids.

Quenepa Benefits

  • It can reduce the cholesterol levels and help constipation due to the fiber content.
  • It prevents urinary tract stones and boosts the immune system as a result of the vitamin A content.
  • It balances hormones and heals asthma problems. Likewise, the high phosphorus content helps digestion and lowers blood pressure levels.
  • It prevents free radical damage and cancer with its antioxidant properties.
  • It fortifies the bones and teeth with the minerals it contains.
  • It removes parasites.
  • It treats and prevents kidney problems.
  • It increases the production of red blood cells, preventing anemia.
  • It improves the function of the reproductive system.
  • It treats skin issues.

Therefore, adding quenepa to your diet can be very beneficial for your overall health. Quenepa is a very beneficial and highly effective in the treatment of sleep disorders. Moreover, it is a very powerful brain booster.

In a case of diarrhea, just mix a few crushed and roasted quenepa seeds with honey. You will feel the results in no time.

Why Does Quenepa Help Insomnia?

Quenepa contains tryptophan which is responsible for the serotonin increase in the body. Serotonin relaxes the body and many antidepressants contain it. Thus, even a small amount of tryptophan will fight insomnia, regulate your sleeping patterns and improve the sleeping quality.

Important Tips

  • Do not eat quenepa when it’s ripe because it contains toxins.
  • In order to open it, bite the shell and proceed to chew the fruit of the seed.
  • Do not swallow the seed because you can choke on it. When you finish you’ll have a bare seed.

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