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Drinking Lemon Water Every Morning – Mistake Millions Of people Make It

One of the most beneficial and refreshing fruits. They are packed with vitamin C, electrolytes, magnesium, copper and potassium. In order to maximize the benefits from consuming lemons, you should consume an entire and unpeeled lemon.

Moreover, you should regularly consume lemon water. The lemon water can improve your overall health and boost your metabolism. However, there is a mistake almost every person makes. When preparing a lemon water, most of the people consume only the juice from the lemons and discard the peels. In order to get all the benefits from the lemon water, you should consume the whole lemon, including the peels.

Therefore, if you have been preparing lemon water by simply squeezing some lemon juice and adding hot or cold water, you’ve been doing it completely wrong. We present you the right recipe for lemon water.

Lemon Water Recipe

Take several organic lemons and slice them in half. Next, squeeze a bit of their juice into a cup of water, and grate a bit of the lemon rind into the zest. Then, add the zest as well, fill the glass with hot or ice water, and mix it well. As simple and easy!

Lemon Water Benefits

This is one of the healthiest drink you can consume during the whole year. It is packed with vitamin C and it can help your body absorb nutrients better. Moreover, the lemon water will store insulin and aid the digestive system by alkalizing the environment.

Lemon water is also great for the metabolism and for the GI tract. Hence, it treats constipation and fluid retention problems. Additionally, this powerful drink will eliminate toxins from your body and boost your immune system.

Furthermore, lemon water increases the energy levels and refreshes your whole body and mind. Only one cup of this water will make a difference.


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