Psychologists Warn: Never Use These 5 Phrases When Talking To Your Child!

The children are the most important things is life. However, when we get angry, we tend to say all kinds of things. As a result, these words have a severe impact on the kids. In fact, there are 5 things according to psychologists which should never be told to children. These are the 5 phrases which you should never use when talking to your child.

“I am disappointed in you!”

This is actually a common phrase people use. However, you should never say to your children that you are disappointed in them. You should serve as a guide and lead your children on the right path. Your disappointment is not your child but in your guidance. Instead, teach your child that what they did is wrong and why. Hence, you can say:

“What you did is wrong, in my opinion. And I believe you made an honest mistake. Even if you chose to do what you did, I can assure you’ll realize it’s wrong after I explain. I know you can do better!”

“You are not [something] enough!”

You probably don’t want to make your kids believe that they lack something and you don’t consider them to be good enough. Instead, you should help them grow and be confident and be themselves. Therefore, you should instead practice saying:

 “You are enough to be or do what you love. But sometimes we all need to train or practice something before, in order to grow that way.”

“You are worthless!”

This is considered to be the worst thing you can say to a child. If you say this to your child, you’re letting them find nothing worthy in themselves. Thus, instead of saying that phrase, you can say the following:

“Nobody is perfect.”, “You can do better!”, “It’s not your day, you’ll do better next time.”

“Stop Crying Right Now!”

When you punish your child or when the child is hurt, they have an urge to cry. So, if you tell them that they should stop crying right away, you’ll only make things worse. Hence, instead of yelling and saying this, you should practice saying the following:

 “It’s ok to cry sweety, it’s ok to show how you feel. But that doesn’t make what you did a right thing to do.”

“Big boys/girls don’t get scared!”

This is a huge lie and you should never say it to your child. In fact, you are actually forcing them to reject what they are honestly feeling. Hence, instead of saying that terrible phrase, you should say something like:

 “It’s ok to be scared. All of us are scared sometimes. But I know there is courage inside of you that will help you do the right thing even if you are scared. You are my little hero!”


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